Just over a month or so into our call for artists, we've compiled a short list of questions that are regularly asled in the inquiries we receive. If you don't find the answer to your question below, please call at (402) 601-6113 or email the project coordinator, Liz Shea-McCoy.

Q: Can I make my own maquette(s)?
A: Unfortunately, no. Although we understand that everyone submitting proposals would be capable of making their own maquette, we require that all submissions be in the form of a purchased die-cut cardboard maquette. We feel it is important to keep submission consistent for objective selection to be made.

Q: Can I submit additional drawings and images to show the examples of the actual materials, textures, surfaces, and details of my proposed design?
A: Yes! Although these additional submission materials are not required, you are welcome to submit images, drawings, textural samples, etc. that will aid the jurors in fully understanding your vision for your tree. Hard copies of any additional materials must be provided. Images received on discs or via email will not be accepted.

Q: Can I fabricate my own 6' tree of another material, like wood or steel?
A: No. Your final tree must be the cast fiber-reinforced urethane one provided. However, you are welcome to propose to attach other materials to the urethane with both a physical and adhesive bond.:

Q: Will the final 6' trees be for indoor or outdoor display?
A: All of the 6' must be finished with materials suitable for outdoor display. All permanent installation points (TBD) will be outside locations within the city limits of Nebraska City.

Q: Is that really what the base is going to look like?
A: No. Because of this your design should end where the truck of the cardboard maquette meets the square base. If you plan to add additional 3-D components to your tree they must attach to the tree itself and not the base.

Q: I don't live close enough to Lincoln or Nebraska City to pick up a maquette. Can I have them mailed to me?
A: Yes! Please send your mailing address with a check ($7 per maquette requested) payable to the Nebraska City Public Schools Foundaiton to Tom Farrell, PO Box 518, Nebraska City, NE, 68410. Postage is free of charge.